Turvo Oil Gasoline Octane Booster


Turvo Oil® Octane Engine Performance Booster is a concentrated combustion enhancer that is highly effective in all grades of gasoline, formulated to improve driving performance and fuel economy in all types of gasoline engines.

  • Octane performance booster 7 to 9 points
  • Enhanced engine horsepower
  • Significant Gasoline Savings up to 20%
  • Lubricants & protects entire fuel system
  • Cleans injectors and complete fuel system
  • Operates from to -60⁰C to +60⁰C
  • Stabilizes and preserves gas for 3 years
  • Mix at 2ml / liter ( ¼ oz / gal). 500 : 1 ratio




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Turvo Oil Gasoline Octane Booster



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Gas Octane Booster maintains fuel savings and power performance

Exclusive and Multi-purpose Concentrated Gasoline Fuel Additive for all seasons

˃ Contains high performance octane boosters and combustion enhancers to provide exceptional fuel savings reported by users, up to 20%, on all types of gas engines.

˃ Octane boosters and combustion enhancers which :
(i) Increase the comparable octane rating of fuel, thereby optimising power potential.

  • Decrease engine knock, shock load and stress, noise, and misfires.
  • Increases fuel ignition to provide easy starts and improved engine response.

(ii) Catalyze and improve fuel during combustion to provide best possible burn.

  • Optimizes diesel fuel spray patterns.
  • Significantly reduces smoke, harmful emissions, and engine fouling.

˃ Cleans Injectors, valves and ports, eliminating hesitation and rough idle due to carbon build-up.

  • Activates carbons for clean combustion cahmbers and exhaust manfolds.

˃ Absolutely safe to use for all injectors, pumps, & gasoiline fuel systems, stabilizing fuel 3 years.

˃ Lubricates and protects the entire fuel system and prevents pump and injector failure.

˃ Anti-gel provides protection to -60%, preventing freeze-up in cold weather.

˃ Octane Boost emulsifies moisture into very fine mist and disperses it into the fuel where it can burn off harmlessly,
and keep tanks and fuel systems dry-so moisture related problems disappear.

˃ Turvo Oil Gas Octane Boost is formulated for Ultra Low Sulphur in Gasoline to provide extra lubricaton.

Turvo Oil® Octane Booster, used at only 2ml per liter of fuel, will eliminate the problem, plus give significant engine power gains and improved fuel performance.