"For high-quality car engine oil,
you can trust the best engine oil in Singapore."

Welcome to Turvo Oil

Welcome to Turvo Oil. We are a company supplies high quality of finish product and base oil in drum or in flexi bag in Singapore since 2006, and we keep on doing our best in the industry as we are a trusted brand for automotive and industrial solution. All our manufacturing plants have met the industry standard ISO 9001-2008...

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Best Car Engine Oil From Turvo Oil

Choosing the best car engine oil is always a difficult task for most car drivers and even car enthusiasts. Typical data from oil companies often offers a few common properties of their engine oil. Basically the six most important properties are viscosity index, flash point, viscosity, pour point, % zinc and % sulphated ash. While the terms may seem a little..

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Basic Functions Of Engine Oil

A quality and reliable engine oil offers many benefits for your car engine. The basic function of the liquefied oil lubricates each and every moving components inside the engine. It creates a protective film layer in the process and greatly reduces friction and prevents the internal engine parts from colliding with each other. A good car engine oil also cleans your engine..

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